Late afternoon, the house is hot.

I started, I jumped up.

Everyone hates a bore.

Everybody hates a drunk





In this page Ive accommodated links for other good music & not only music: I think that many REM fans like listen to other good music, too. ( of course , R.E.M. is the best!!!!) I also think that not Only REM fans visit my site In fact, I dont know , will I develop this part of my site or not. But, anyway , if you have any crazy ,strange, useful or funny links , sent them to me



HTF- this is Russian version of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS- the greatest cartoon. U cant find these cartoons on TV. Fun & blood! an official site of THE CURE- my other rather favorite band here you can download the map-presentation of the Korean war-a great thing but its large. Metropolitan museum in New York exhibition of Samizdat in Prague
 good archive of the classical music

 another good archive of classical music
 Russian site about Radiohead





Now its all but Ill add more links ( I hope ) .If u have any interesting links or wanna talk to me sent me an e-mail.





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