I feel great. I lied to save your feelings.

Truth convened, my head smashed through the ceiling

I lost an arm, no one harmed you, diplomatically alarmed.

I sulked away to lick my thin skin.

I'm not over you.

I'm not over you.

I'm not over you.





Frankly speaking , I dont want to tell much about this site & about me///Cause there are many dudes(& not only they) who should not know about all this//But Ok , lets begin

Ive opened this siteererabout 17 march 2003.English version appeared at the end of may.I only wanted to create a russian site for R.E.M. fans many fans like REM but they dont know good Internet links about their favorite band

What else?about me? Well Im only a simple Russian guy////I dont go to the WEB often||!@#$%%^^&*().


Probably, about my Interests?


Other favorite music: Radiohead, The Cure, RHCP

Movies: dont watch them often, so , its hard to say////



What is to say, R.E.M. is my first & my last love, its my everything; they took a great influence at me- they taught me to live , to fell , to breathe in new way////









ICQ 280498732





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